Athlete Advisory Board Indoctrination


(From L to R) FRONT ROW: Allon Cohne (Polartec), Bill Belcourt, Janet Bergman, Kelly Cordes, Sari Anderson, Nate Simmons (Polartec) SECOND ROW: Nick Devore, Antoine Barthelemy, Michael Silitch, Mike Kloser, Laurent Valette, Doug Heinrich, Eric Yung (Polartec) Gord Betenia

This past weekend, Polartec organized the first meeting of its new 11-member Athlete Advisory Board. The group met in Boston and then traveled to HQ in Lawrence, Mass. to tour the Polartec plant. After the plant tour, the group of world-class climbers, skiers, alpinists, cyclists, guides and adventure racers sat down with Polartec’s product development team to provide feedback on current performance fabric technology and discuss some of the ‘dream’ layers they would all like to have in their packs.

The group gelled really well and by the end of the trip, lots of people were planning ski rendezvous and climbing get-togethers. The meeting exceeded everyone’s expectations and we’re all excited about the potential for real fabric innovation this group can help Polartec to create. The group consists of:

- Sari Anderson (30, Glenwood Springs, CO) is a national mountain bike champ, a world class adventure racer and randonnée ski racer.
- Antoine Barthelemy (54 of Annecy, France) is an accomplished alpinist and ski mountaineer.
- Bill Belcourt (45, Salt Lake City, UT) is a crusty alpinist and champion paraglider pilot.
- Janet Bergman (29, Madison, NH) is an accomplished all-around climber and consultant to outdoor nonprofit organizations.
- Gord Betenia (47, Vancouver, BC) is a talented ice climber, mountaineer and gear flogger.
- Kelly Cordes (40, Estes Park, CO) is a renowned alpinist, climber, writer and self-proclaimed dirtbag.
- Nick Devore (24, Aspen, CO) is a telemark freeskiing world champion and ski mountaineer.
- Doug Heinrich (47, Salt Lake City, UT, is a world-class all-around climber and multi-sport athlete.
- Mike Kloser (49, Vail, CO) is a world champion mountain biker, adventure racer and legendary multi-sport athlete.
- Laurent Valette (39, Rotherens, France) is an accomplished ultra runner and adventure racer.
- Michael Silitch (48, Chamonix, France) is a certified international mountain guide.

Checking out the huge dye jets

Checking out the huge dye jet machines

Learning about the napping and shearing process

Learning about the napping and shearing process

Inside the testing lab

Inside the testing lab

Look for updates, fields tests and other cool content from our Athlete Board in the months to come. Incidentally, if you’d like to learn more about Polartec’s manufacturing process, check out these videos.

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