The Trangoworld Corre Team Conquers the Sahara, Wins Marathon des Sables 2010


After six grueling stages of brutal heat and sandstorms, the ultramarathon Trangoworld Corre team won the famous self-supported endurance test known as Marathon des Sables 2010. With them for the long haul was the Polartec Power Dry T-Shirt, that helped keep them (relatively) cool and dry. The team, made up of Jorge Aubeso, Fernando Cantón, Rodrigo Iturralde, and Gabriel Santamaría, ran 250 kilometers, carrying their own food and gear all while at the mercy of the high temperatures and harsh conditions.

The four Spaniards were pitted against the feared Moroccan and Jordanian teams, who had the advantage of being familiar with the harsh landscape. Even so, Trangoworld Corre came in first place by over three hours.

The experience was nothing short of heroic for Jorge Aubeso, who had to give up the third spot on the podium when he fell back to join his teammates in the final stage on the way to the finish line, thus ensuring that the team could place first. Aubeso declared, “Everyone on the team is thrilled to have won for Trangoworld. They put their faith in us, and supported us completely.”

Both the Trangoworld Corre team and Polartec Power Dry performed to the maximum in this desert race, where extreme conditions made the breathability and light weight of Power Dry invaluable.

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