Polartec Stars in Act of Valor

This Friday, Act of Valor, a new film about modern day Navy SEALS, hits movie theaters. Another movie about covert ops, you say? You’ve seen them all? Well this one is different.

In 2007, Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh of Bandito Brothers Production filmed a video for the Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen which led the Navy to allow them to use SEALs. After spending so much time working closely with the SEALs, McCoy and Waugh conceived the idea for a modern day action movie about this covert and elite fighting force. As Act of Valor developed with the SEALs on board as advisors, the film makers realized that no actor could realistically portray or physically fill the roles they’d written and the actual SEALs were drafted in to the film.

Pretty cool huh? Even cooler for us, Polartec proudly manufactures apparel fabrics for the Special Forces, and because of that, the Protective Combat Uniform Level 9 Combat Shirt gets to make a cameo in this film. I see a Best Supporting Apparel nomination in our future… The Level 9 is an incredible performance garment, designed specifically for the Special Forces Operator. It is not your average baselayer- check out why:

Made with Polartec® Power Dry® FR fabric, the SOF PCU Level 9 offers real flame resistance, excellent breathability and next-to-skin comfort, keeping your skin dry when you sweat. This temperate weather combat shirt is designed to work with the SOF-specific ballistics vest.

The upper arm pockets’ volume, placement, and angle were designed to SOF user specifications. A high collar provides neck protection and d3o high impact elbow protection through locking molecule technology accommodates rolling sleeves, while also having an elbow pad option.

” Polartec is extraordinarily proud of the development work we do on behalf of the Special Operations community to design and build the most advanced protective fabrics in the world” said Polartec’s Director of Government Business, David Costello. “ACT OF VALOR allows the world to see how Polartec products are used in combat and we are all very grateful for the enormous personal sacrifice made by Navy SEALs on behalf of our country”

We got a sneak peek at this film and are really excited about it- check out the trailer below and head to the movies!

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