Introducing Polartec Power Wool

We are very excited to introduce Polartec® Power Wool™, a new fabric collection that optimizes the natural performance of wool with synthetic fibers in patented constructions that only Polartec can deliver. Designed as a next-to-skin fabric to keep you dry and comfortable, Polartec® Power Wool™ delivers an engineered mix of fibers precisely placing wool and […]

Polartec Challenge Winners – Zander Martin and Bria Schurke

Home Today’s tasks seem simple: cleaning, editing photos, rinsing tent stakes of flakes of Siberian soil. The complicated immediacies of wilderness travel have been left behind. Three days ago, I was in Moscow, wandering across Red Square after a ten-hour flight from the Russian Far East. I wandered among tourists, amazed at the breadth of […]

Polartec Holiday Countdown Giveaway #1: Baselayers

It is officially the holiday season, so we figured over the course of the next three weeks, lets give away three different holiday prizes to our fans – a baselayer, midlayer and outerwear. The baselayer is the cornerstone for an entire layering system. If your baselayer doesn’t perform, the rest of your layers don’t matter […]

The Evolution of Fleece

Ever wonder how the modern synthetic fleece came about? The New York Times magazine recently published an article, “The Evolution of Fleece, From Scratchy to Snuggie”, which takes a historical look at the product category Polartec invented. Polartec fleece products are now more lightweight, warm, functional, versatile and durable than ever. And we keep working […]