What’s Your Everest Climb with Soldiers to Summits

Soldiers to Summits and No Barriers kicked off their What’s Your Everest fundraising events in Colorado last weekend.  Polartec is a proud sponsor and was on hand for an inspiring journey up the 14,065 ft peak of Mount Bierstadt. The weekend began with a group dinner where past participants shared their experiences with the organization. […]

Polartec Sponsors Soldiers to the Summit & Chad Butrick

In support of Soldiers to the-Summit, Polartec is sponsoring U.S. Army veteran and disabled mountaineer Chad Stone in his 2012 attempt up Cotopaxi, a 19,347-foot peak in Ecquador. Chad was kind enough to tell us his story: I’ll first preface my story with a brief background on my childhood. Originally from Arvada, CO, my family moved to […]