Nat Geo Celebrates Polartec Power Wool

Outdoor gear doesn’t just improve, it keeps getting dramatically better.

The National Geographic biannual Gear of the Year Awards celebrate the insights, breakthroughs, and leaps forward in new products that make our time in the outdoors safer, more comfortable, and more fun.

We are excited to announce that Polartec® Power Wool™ has made the Spring/Sumer 2015 list of top gear innovations. Polartec Power Wool is a design breakthrough for combining the distinct advantages of natural and synthetic fibers in a bi-component fabric. The industry standard of blending different yarns into a mixed composition reduces the intended benefits and hampers overall fabric performance. By isolating a merino wool interior and a synthetic fiber exterior we developed a hybrid fabric with distinct surface features to optimize wicking, breathability, odor resistance and durability.

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