Polartec Partners with Musée National du Sport for “En Sport Mode”

EnModeSport-MuseumNice, France: Over 400 pieces from various museums and prestigious private collections will be at the heart of the temporary exhibition En Mode Sport at the Musée National du Sport, for you to browse through the evolution of fashion throughout athletics over the years. The idea of this exhibit is to understand how sports have thus far influenced fashion, ranging from a popular dimension to the most elite circles. While visiting En Mode Sport, you will discover the history of sports and fashion, which have never been so close.

Find Polartec representing the technical side of “How to dress for sports.” This is a specific workshop supervised by ambassadors that explains the technology and qualities of Polartec fabrics to visitors of the exhibition. You can also receive advice on the best ways to dress for certain sports to optimize your comfort and performance…whatever the situations and the weather conditions may be.

See this special exhibit now through September: http://shout.lt/6hKg

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