Bernice Notenboom at the Bottom and the Top of the World

Renowned writer, researcher and adventurer Bernice Notenboom has had some serious highs and lows in the past two years. On January 12 2008, she became the first Dutch woman to reach the South Pole. During her month-long expedition, Bernice and her team studied the effects of climate change on the ice, snow and glaciers of Antarctica. This spring, with the support of a Polartec Challenge Grant, Bernice summitted Everest and collected data on the effects of climate change on the mountain for her project Himalaya Alert.

The below video features some of the stunning (and sometimes frightening) scenery Bernice has encountered at the bottom of the world, and the top. The dialogue is in Dutch at the beginning, but switches to English at the 2:30 mark. It’s definitely worth watching and seeing first-hand the effects climate change has had on some of Earth’s harshest environments.

Polartec Challenge Winners Converge Upon Everest

Unbeknownst to them, it appears as if two of this year’s Polartec Challenge Grant winners have converged upon Mt. Everest at the same time.  Paul Romero and Karen Lundgren, parents of young Jordan Romero, are currently making their way up Nuptse, a 25,000 ft. peak just 2 km west of Everest. Paul and Karen are in the Everest region as part of a scouting/reconnaissance mission. Their hope is to return with Jordan in the next year or two and help him complete his quest to become the youngest person to climb the 7 Summits.

Paul and Karen are using a Spot Satellite to update their progress on Nupste. Check it here.  Later this summer, Paul, Karen and Jordan are planning to summit the Carstenz Pyramid in Indonesia, leaving only the Vinson Massif and Mount Everest on 12-year-old Jordan’s list.

In the same zip code, but on a totally different mission is Bernice Notenboon. Bernice is in the Himalaya to research the effects of climate change in the Everest ecosystem. Check out the below video where she and her team are finding climbing artifacts unearthed by the rapidly melting glaciers.

Bernice is posting daily updates to her Himalaya-Alert blog, so check back for more news and interesting vids.